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Central Administration

Main Phone Number 865-974-3177
Gretchen Neisler, Vice Provost and Director
Lamonya Davis, Administrative Coordinator II
Amy Gregory, Administrative Coordinator I

Asia Engagement Office

Launched in 2019, the Office of Asia Engagement (OAE) provides strategic planning, support, and coordination for the University of Tennessee’s engagement in Asia by serving as a hub for research, academic programs, and outreach.

Website OAE
Main Phone Number 865-974-5752
Rachel Rui, Director
Jie “Daisy” Shen, Coordinator I

Communications Office

The Communications Office provides services to all CGE units to promote news, activities, and programs to both internal and external audiences. 

Website Communications
Main Phone Number 865-974-5752
Rachel Rui, Director
Jie “Daisy” Shen, Coordinator I
Alexandra Grace DeMarco, Communications Student Assistant
Ava Miller, Programs Specialist

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute was organized in 1978 by a campus-wide interdisciplinary committee to provide intensive English language study for prospective University of Tennessee students, visitors, and professionals. Its mission is to offer a sound program of instruction in English as a second language, to promote research in language pedagogy, and to provide a language learning resource for Tennessee’s non–English speaking public.

Website ELI
Main Phone Number 865-974-3404
Em Chitty, Interim Director
Douglas Terry, Teaching Associate
Hunter Baird, Administrative Assistant
Lauren Wood, Recruitment Specialist

Global Research Office

The Global Research Office catalyzes the University of Tennessee’s faculty to extend their research and reach across the world. It does so by supporting faculty initiatives to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and international research initiatives.  

Website Global Research Office
Main Phone Number 865-974-3177
Jamie McGowan, Director
Shawn Lenker, Assistant Director for Global Health & Safety
Peggy Myers, Administrative Coordinator I

International House

The I-House is proud to welcome international and domestic students to engage and grow as global citizens by hosting a variety of culturally immersive programs and events throughout the year.

Website I-House
Main Phone Number 865-974-4453
Scott Cantrell, Director
Lauren Wood, Interim Assistant Director
Madelyn Kent, Administrative Specialist I
Morgan Perigard, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Zoya Kamil, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Vanessa Lama, Graduate Teaching Assistant

International Student and Scholar Services

ISSS provides orientation and advising to international students after they have been admitted to the university. ISSS also works with UT departments and colleges to serve international scholars who visit our campus in order to lecture, teach, or conduct research.

Website ISSS
Main Phone Number 865-974-3177
Scott Cantrell, Director
Erik Simons, Assistant Director
David P. Lawson, Coordinator II
Brian Todd, Coordinator I
Yevgeniya Teyfukova, Coordinator I
Rachel Buczyniski, Administrative Specialist II
Paul Keener, Graduate Assistant

Programs Abroad Office

PAO is committed to fostering global awareness and academic, personal, and professional growth by offering a broad range of study, internship, research, and service-learning opportunities outside the United States.

Website PAO
Main Phone Number 865-974-3177
Gretchen Neisler, Interim Director
Heather Grigsby, Senior Coordinator II
Michael Saenz, Interim Assistant Director
Gisela Goeritz, Administrative Coordinator I