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How to COIL

UTK COIL Graphic

STEP 1 Ready to COIL?

Fill out a UT COIL faculty profile to get started.

STEP 2 Identify a partner – we can help!

Do you have someone already in mind? Or do you need help finding a partner? Our staff at CGE can help. You can also browse COIL Connect for Virtual Exchange website. COIL Connect for Virtual Exchange is a robust website that is dedicated to supporting COILing universities and faculty connecting with peers around the world. Individual membership is free and you can join onsite in a few minutes. UT is an institutional member of COIL Connect, so we can list UT courses and you can search courses at other universities around the  world that are seeking partners.

Note: If you have a partner already, please let us know so we can help determine the best way to offer training and other support. 

STEP 3 Complete COIL Training 

STEP 4 Implement COIL and submit class assessment

Details will be offered during the COIL workshop.

STEP 5 Get connected with the UT COIL Community!

Attend the monthly COIL meetup. Submit an interest form to get reminders.