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COIL Sample Workshop

UT currently works with FIU COIL to deliver the workshop, the content below is from the FIU COIL website. 

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An online workshop engaging partnered faculty to design a COIL module plan.

  • Workshop can be spread over 3-6 weeks
  • Asynchronous self-paced readings and resources
  • 4 synchronous sessions for instructor-led training, partner brainstorming, and peer feedback
  • Post-workshop evaluation report, including quantitative and qualitative analysis of participant satisfaction and growth in COIL knowledge and confidence, instructor recommendations for continuous improvement, and references and resources for further learning.


Design Workshop Schedule

Week 1 and Zoom #1

Module 0: Welcome and Orientation Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the elements of a COIL Module Plan
  • Assess partners’ unique time, culture, language, technology, content contexts

Week 2 and Zoom #2

Module 1: Icebreakers and Intercultural
Learning outcomes:

  • Design activities for establishing respect and trust
  • Develop activities for motivating students and preparing them for intercultural communication and online collaboration
Module 2: Essential Question & Student Learning
Learning outcomes:

  • Determine a common question or problem to focus the COIL module
  • Develop 1-3 COIL disciplinary and intercultural student learning outcomes

Week 3 and Zoom #3

Module 3: Collaborative Tasks Learning outcomes:

  • Design instructions for the collaborative task
Module 4: Technology Tools Learning outcomes:

  • Determine tools for asynchronous and
    synchronous communication

Week 4 and Zoom #4

Module 5: Student Learning Reflection & Assessment Learning outcomes:

  • Design student reflection activities and
    instruments for assessing disciplinary and cultural learning
Module 6: Final Presentations Learning outcomes:

  • Present COIL Module Plan
  • Offer peer feedback on COIL Module Plans
  • Complete post-workshop reflection