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CGE Announces 2021 -22 Global Catalyst Programming and Student International Travel Grants

Students present at conferenceThe Center for Global Engagement offers several internal funding opportunities for faculty, staff, and students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, including the Institute of Agriculture. These opportunities are referred to as the Global Catalyst Grants Program. The grants are intended to provide partial support that will help build Tennessee’s connections to international colleagues, institutional partners, and opportunities. They will interlink Tennessee with the world beyond US borders and support international activities on the UT campus.

The Global Catalyst grants are a re-envisioning of the Ready for the World grants and support activities in the following areas: faculty international research and partnership development, international programs on the UT campus, and student international research and conference travel. The 2021-22 Programming and Student International Travel grant awardees are listed below.

Global Catalyst Programming Grants

Global Catalyst Programming Grant Award Amount
Dawn Duke $5,000
Chinese Culture Club $1,150

Global Catalyst Student International Travel Grants

International Student Travel Grant Awardees Award Amount
Melody Huslage $1,500
Nicole Lussier $1,400
Amrit Shrestha $1,500
Bridget O’Banion $1,250

Congratulations to our 2021- 22 Programming and Student International Travel grant awardees! To learn more about the Global Catalyst Grants Program visit


Jason Moody (865-974-2168,