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Tortilla Making at fire hearth in Toledo District, Belize by Sayuri Tzul / Ya’axché

In collaboration with the Ya’axché Institute for Conversation Education, UT provides students the opportunity to see new wildlife, ecosystems, experience different cultures, and explore wildlife and conservation issues in Belize. In the photo you are looking at, Students from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville are learning how to make traditional corn tortillas. Corn tortillas also known as Maize are served as base for many dishes. Isabela, a proud Q’eqchi’ Maya woman from Indian Creek Village, southern Belize shares her tortilla making skills to guests from all over the world. Students gather around a round table to “bake” the tortillas. Baking tortillas is the process of getting the masa round and flat and onto the fire hearth to be cooked. The challenge is to flip the tortilla over the fire hearth, which a young student just learns how to master. After the tortillas were made the group enjoyed a delicious Caldo with freshly baked corn tortillas.