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CGE Honors McClure and Scheib Student Scholars, Thanks Generous Donors

by Jason Moody

W.K. McClure family and student scholars. Pictured left to right: Rosy Kamrunnaher, A. Latif Patwary, Leah Coffey, Sweta Dixit, Wally McClure, Ronda McClure, Jenna Watson, Nicole Lussier

Fittingly, in the midst of last month’s International Education Week, the Center for Global Engagement celebrated winners of the W.K. McClure Scholarship and Mae Scheib Scholarship for International Research with a reception and poster session.

Both scholarships are awarded to students to support international independent research. The W. K. McClure Scholarship Program awards full-time undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with financial awards up to $5,000. The scholarship can be applied to research and creative projects and aims to enhance the development of knowledge surrounding significant international issues. The Mae Scheib Scholarship also awards $5,000 to undergraduate or graduate students to support international research or creative work abroad.

Rosy Kamrunnaher presents research to reception attendees

The W.K. McClure and Scheib scholars reception began with Jamie McGowan, director of the Global Research Office, welcoming students, faculty, staff and donors. McGowan commended this years’ scholars on their accomplishments and thanked the McClure family for attending the event on behalf of W.K. McClure and supporting student success at UT. The generous donation by W.K. McClure makes this scholarship program possible and directly impacts the success and academic achievements of UT students.

Next, Erin Darby, associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies and faculty director for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, gave opening remarks and emphasized the importance of undergraduate and graduate research studies as an invaluable part of the student experience.

Nicole Lussier presents research to reception attendees

The reception then moved into a poster session where attendees learned more about the impactful international research and creative projects being conducted with support from W.K. McClure Scholarship and Mae Scheib Scholarship funding.

At the conclusion of the event Vice Provost for International Affairs, Gretchen Neisler, praised the student researchers and urged them to continue their studies with follow-on research in the future.

The following students attended the event and presented their work.

Scholarship Recipients 2022

Leah Coffey
Retail/Hospitality/Tourism Management
Scotland – Visitor Experience – Carrying Capacities
W. K. McClure Scholar

Sweta Dixit
Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Sustaining Human-Wildlife Coexistence in Contested Landscapes: An Evaluation of Park Revenue Sharing Policy
W.K. McClure Scholar

Fnu Kamrunnaher
Public Health Sciences
Assessing the Effectiveness of Bystander Intervention Training to Prevent Gender-based Violence among Undergraduate Students in Bangladesh
Mae Scheib Scholar

Lauren Koutlias
The Embodiment of War: Effects of Occupation and Civil Conflict on Biological Growth and Development of Greeks (1940-1949)
W.K. McClure Scholar

Nicole Lussier
Ecology/Evolutionary Biology
Combatting Deforestation: How do Differing Reforestation Techniques Influence the Reestablishment of Ecosystem Services?
W.K. McClure Scholar

A Latif Patwary
Civil Engineering
Does Online Shopping Reduce In-person Shopping Trips in a Developing Country? A Case Study of Megacity Dhaka, Bangladesh
W. K. McClure Scholar

Scholarship Recipients 2021

Melody Huslage
College of Social Work
“A League of Their Own.” The Formation of the Australian Women’s Baseball League
W.K. McClure Scholar

Jenna Watson
A Bioarchaeological Investigation of Migration, Diet, and Health in Late Medieval-Early Modern Romania
Mae Scheib Scholar

W.K. McClure and Mae Scheib Scholarship Programs

The W. K. McClure Scholarship Program offers UT students financial awards to support study, research or creative projects abroad aimed at enhancing and promoting education for world responsibility. The scholarship can be applied to any project which offers the potential for the development of knowledge relative to significant issues or problems associated with world affairs and the reduction of international conflict, principally through legal, cultural, political, economic, social and scientific studies. Awards from the W. K. McClure fund are made possible by a generous donation from the W. K. McClure family.

The Mae Scheib Scholarships extend opportunities for students to conduct research internationally. Students at the undergraduate and graduate level are eligible for these competitive scholarships. The scholarships are made possible by a generous donation from Mae Scheib, who embraces international engagement and learning through travel and is an alumna of UT.

To learn more about the W.K. McClure Scholarship Program please visit The deadline to apply for the current round of McClure funding is February 27, 2023. Contact Jamie McGowan at to learn more about these funding opportunities.


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