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Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis) in Knoxville, Tennessee by Yang Hu

The piece you are looking at titled ‘Dang Gui’ was taken by UT Alumna Yang Hu in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hu participated in the Confucius Institute Photo Contest as an I-House International Student. According to the artist, “Chinese culture is a philosophical aspect in my eyes. It is a very broad visualization and can be a papercut or Beijing Opera mask that is very representative of small objects. But for me it is more of a complex feeling, just like a large area of red. Red is the most representative color of Chinese culture, and also the favorite color of Chinese people. It can also be a song, and Chinese music evoked endless imagination. So I decided to embody this feeling in my works. ‘Siyuan Road’ is one of my favorite ancient songs. Melody ethereal, voice whispered, and the lyrics depicted the affectionate feeling of the author and the beauty of women. ‘For whom I climb the mountains mining a basket of Dan grass, and this medication, must be passionately boiled.’ The restrained implicit carved tenderness was unfolded, just like unfolding the picture scroll; by only this one, I started thinking of the idea of melting a song into a painting.”