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“United Kingdom” by Payton Krumholz

The image you are looking at was taken by Programs Abroad Student Payton Krumholz during her trip to London. According to the artist, “This is a photo of me walking along the famous ‘Abbey Road’ in London, England during the early spring of 2020. While walking Abbey Road, Here Comes the Sun kept playing along in my head. That became a theme song during my time in London and takes me back to my study abroad experience when I hear it. To me, that song represents a new and exciting experience and London was that new and exciting experience for me. I became a local in one of the largest international cities in the world which brought out an independence I didn’t know I had. Along with that, I learned that the most enriching experiences come from when you step out of your comfort zone and engage with the perspectives around you. I look forward to the next opportunity to walk along another famous road, but until then I’ll just keep on playing “Here Comes the Sun.”