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CGE Announces 2021 McClure and Mae Scheib Scholars

The Center for Global Engagement has selected seven UT students as the recipients of the McClure Scholarship and two UT students for the Mae Scheib Scholarships. The scholarship programs support undergraduate and graduate students in their international projects, aiming to promote global education and international research. The scholars will receive up to $5,000 to aid their global projects and research.

“For students across our campus, both the W.K. McClure Scholarships and the Mae Scheib Scholarships offer wonderful opportunities for UT students to delve into their individual, international research interests. Such opportunities are often inaccessible to the students without such funding, and the Center for Global Engagement is extremely grateful for the donors’ support,” Jamie McGowan, Director of Global Research Office said. 

“These opportunities launch academic initiatives, dissertations, theses, and creative works, that advance these students’ career trajectories — leading to even greater success for our students. In short, these international scholarships are recipes for student success,” added McGowan.

Melody Huslage

Country of Research: Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia 

Research Project: “A League of Their Own:” The Formation of the Australian Women’s Baseball League

Fun Fact: Melody has lived overseas in Pakistan, Iraq, and Greece for a total of 5 years and has bungee jumped over the Corinth Canal in Greece.

Md Marufuzzaman Khan

Country of Research: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Project: Research capacity and research engagement among physicians of tertiary healthcare facilities in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional survey.

Fun Fact: Maruf really loves traveling. “Back in my home country Bangladesh, I have travelled to many places across the country, met people with different accents, customs, and tasted local cuisines.” He considers himself to be a foody and would like to explore the US if time permits.

Thomas Maurer

Country of Research: Milan, Padua, and Rome, Italy

Research Project: Outlining the Apocalypse: Rediscovering the Lost Prophetic Manuscripts of Medieval Italy

Fun Fact: Thomas was a seasonal roller coaster mechanic at Six Flags Great America for 5 summers when he was an undergraduate. 

Wendy Mclean Cooke

Country of Research: Jamaica West Indies, Kingston & St. Andrew Parish

Research Project: Jamaican Stepfathers’ Adjustment to their Parental Role

Fun Fact: Wendy is Jamaican and loves to ‘wing it’ when she is in the kitchen; “I start with one ingredient and I envision what could be added, add it, and keep going until I have something to die for (at least to me),” Wendy is currently experimenting with Indian spices and adding turmeric to almost all of her dishes and drinks. 

Gracie Pekarcik

Country of Research: Kampong Thom and Battambang, Cambodia

Research Project: Assessing the impact of parental involvement on the scaling of agricultural technologies from school garden to home farm through experiential learning

Fun Fact: Gracie has backpacked to the Point Lenana peak of Mount Kenya which stands at 4,985m or 16,355ft. and is higher than any point in the continental US.

Nitesh Shah

Country of Research: Kathmandu, Nepal

Research Project: Micromobility acceptance in mid-sized cities of developing countries: A case study of Kathmandu, Nepal

Fun Fact: Nitesh did a solo 7-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp before he joined grad school in 2018.

Jason Stubblefield

Country of Research: Malmesbury, UK Oxford, UK Cambridge, UK

Research Project: William of Malmesbury’s Theological Contribution

Fun Fact: In his free time, Jason enjoys running and cycling.


Shahad Subiani

Country of Research: Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Research Project: Women’s Formal Help-Seeking Behavior in Saudi Arabia: A Qualitative Study

Fun Fact: Shahad enjoys visiting aquariums and watching documentaries about oceans and seas.

Jenna Watson

Country of Research: Bucharest, Romania

Research Project: A Bioarchaeological Investigation of Migration, Diet, and Health in Late Medieval-Early Modern Romania

Fun Fact: Jenna played competitive volleyball for 10 years, including her undergraduate years at a historically women’s college.