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CGE Announces 2020-21 McClure Scholars and Mae Scheib Scholars

The Center for Global Engagement recently announced six students as the new McClure Scholars and one student to receive the Mae Scheib Scholarship for International Research. Both scholarships support independent international research. Founded in 2010, the W. K. McClure Scholarship Program offers UT students, both undergraduate and graduate, financial awards up to $5,000 to support research and creative projects abroad to enhance and promote education for world responsibility.  “The Center for Global Engagement received stellar applications for the W.K. McClure Scholarship and the Mae Scheib Scholarship awards, ” Jamie McGowan, Director of Global Research Office said. “Each awardee exemplifies excellence as well as a commitment to engage globally and to understand the complexities of our world.  Congratulations to all the recipients.”

Mikayla Prince

Country of research: Rwanda
Research project: Sustainable Development of Broiler Chicken Production in Rwanda

Mikayla Prince is a senior in Sociology with a minor in Leadership Studies and International Agriculture and Natural Resources.
Fun fact: In summer 2019, Mikayla shaved her head and trekked 500 miles alone in Spain!

Savannah Blackman

Country of research: Belize
Research project: Farmer attitudes toward wildlife in the Maya Golden Landscape, Belize

Savannah Blackman is a first-year master’s student of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Fun fact: Savannah loves native herpetofauna and takes her corn snake lots of places in the summer to provide a positive experience for others who may be unfamiliar or afraid of snakes! She has even been spotted on the Ag campus from time to time.

Quynh Nguyen

Country of research: Vietnam
Research project: Betweenness: An Attempt to Resolve Dualities

Quynh Nguyen, a Fulbright scholarship grantee, is currently pursuing her MFA in Studio Art in 2021 by working on an art project through her personal experience living in the two cultures: Vietnam and America.

Anthony J. Knowles

Country of research: Germany
Research project: Automation, Unemployment, and Superfluity: A Comparative-Historical Analysis of Time, Labor, and Social Domination in the United States and Germany

Anthony J. Knowles is a third-year Ph.D. student in Sociology.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Anthony has watched all thirty-six Godzilla films.


Faisal Bin Islam

Country of research: Bangladesh
Research project: Gendered Roles of Livelihood Diversification and Socio-economic Mobility Decisions in Climate Change affected Coastal Districts of Bangladesh

Faisal Bin Islam, from Bangladesh, is a Geography major, class of Spring 21. With volunteer spirit, his research always takes him to places where he can help people the most in need.

Regis Nisengwe

Country of research: Rwanda
Research project: Investigating Environmental Behaviors among Farmers in Rwanda

Nisengwe is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Natural Resources program under the Department of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture.

Claire Mayo (Mae Scheib Scholar)

Country of research: France
Research project:  Cultural Experiences of the Great Flood of 1910 along the Seine: Local, Expert, and Imperial Attitudes towards the River
Claire Mayo is a Ph.D. candidate in Modern European History, working with Dr. Margaret Andersen in the Department of History.

Fun fact: Claire has run five half marathons.