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Meet Emile Ano Kablan

After reading a book by John Romeiser, professor of French and Francophone Studies at the University of Tennessee, Emile Anoh Kablan applied to UT with the desire to be taught by Romeiser.

Kablan was studying and working on his degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana while teaching for three years under contract.

Wanting a school that was more advanced in research, Kablan packed his bags, said goodbye to his seven siblings and left his home in Ghana.

Kablan started his first semester at UT in August. “I love how my classes have been going so far,” he said.

Kablan is working towards his masters in French literature.

In his free time, Kablan enjoys watching movies; his favorite are action films.

After getting his masters, Kablan hopes to work towards his Ph.D. and start a family one day. Kablan is passionate about understanding people and respecting their diversity.

“We all come from different societies and we should understand what society has to do with you,” Kablan said. “We should all respect each other’s culture.”